About Us

What does Talent Finders offer the talent?

  1. Provides talent of many genres with exposure to a worldwide market.
  2. Provides a cost-effective platform for the talents to market themselves.
  3. A marketing platform for represented professionals.
  4. A marketing platform for unrepresented artists to be exposed to industry looking for talent.
  5. Self-management of talent profiles ensuring that they are up to date.
  6. Casting/auditions call notice board.
  7. PR Services.

What does Talent Finders offer the seeker?

  1. Access to multiple genres of talent.
  2. Efficiency: quick access to large a database of talent.
  3. Access to unrepresented talent.
  4. Specific search criteria capability.
  5. Cost effective search capability.
  6. Notice board for advertising casting opportunities

What does Talent Finders offer the talent genres?

  1. Creates awareness around each creative industry genre.
  2. Provides a platform for unusual genres of talent to be represented.

What does Talent Finders offer the Representatives?

  1. Inexpensive cloud-based talent management system for agencies.
  2. On-line exposure for the agency.
  3. Notice board for casting opportunities.