Carol le Grange

41 Years
South Africa  
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Carol is the owner of LINKfinity FA Group and founder of the 5 Steps Financial Wellness Recipe, a post Corporate Animal, financial coach and provides professional presentations and workshops for national clients ranging from 15 employees to 3000 employees and dynamic individuals.

Carol is a coach that is coachable. She found her passion and purpose in the Insurance Industry 15 years ago, after completing her BProc LLB at Tukkies, CFP (Certified Financial Planner qualification) with the University of the Free State. These qualifications were however not enough to influence people and lead teams and she became interested in studying human behavior, Neuroscience, Ontology and Leadership Coaching which she become her differentiating “secret sauce” in a very competitive industry.

Carol has over 3 years of experience in Restaurant management, 3 years in Trademarks and Law of Contracts, 10 years in Banking and Bancassurance, 13 years in Management, 15 years in Insurance and 33 year knowing what her purpose in life is. She utilizes her legal, insurance and life experiences to assist clients to manifest their dreams and mitigate their financial risks, ensure that their businesses contingency planning is in place, create awareness and urgency for retirement planning by one-on-one sessions or hosting and speaking at women empowerment functions and business networking sessions. Carol was and is prepared to do whatever it takes to leave a rich legacy that reaches far beyond her loved ones.

She measures her success against the number of people she touched and coached towards their financial wellness. If she could highlight one event in her life that impacted significantly on her professional career, it would be when she sympathised with pensioners queuing in the rain for their pension benefit at the Post office, when she was only six. This evoked a need to change poverty at retirement forever. That is exactly how LINKfinity was born, now she has the opportunity to invest all her knowledge and experience back into her business and every client they take on. Their company has two slogans, “We take the fear out of financial planning”  “Your financial plan is our priority” whereby they live by.

If you want to have peace of mind that your portfolio is correctly structured, know exactly what you are paying for and understand where you are falling short, then LINKfinity is a business that you need to visit, personally or via skype!  If your financial wellness have been confirmed by your financial adviser and you own a business, would it not be great if all your employees also had that kind of confirmation?

Carol and her team also focus on innovative interactive Employee wellness activities at the convenience of your offices. They do not only educate and leave your employees with more knowledge and confidence about their financial wellness, but also do it under the banner of Your Employer Cares About Your Wealth” and provide you with formal feedback after each session whereby you and your occupational nurses can analyse the report to spot opportunities to improve your productivity and profitability. She has become a specialist and coach for Corporates that has to Retrenchment  or prepare and aging workfore for Retirement phase.They also invest in the community by educating kids in their Foundation Phase Education about Savings and Budgeting Principles because they kids are the leaders of tomorrow.


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