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Kathleen is a highly educated and driven leader. She is a coveted Elite Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She can always be described as anti-average and a true rebel. Coming from her position as the CEO, Co-Owner and Elite coach with Dan Plowman Team Systems (DPTS). Her extensive knowledge of team building and systems has enabled her to successfully coach hundreds of top producers to higher production. Many of her clients have now built mega-teams that are leading their markets in production.

When actively selling real estate Kathleen was in the Top 1% For TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) which is the largest board in North America, and Durham Region for overall units sold within her first year of selling. She honed her skills with two small children at home and quickly become passionate about the consultant approach to delivering wisdom and ethical professionalism in our industry. This led the way to her transition to coaching. As a highly demanded coach Kathleen has enjoyed a high retention rate, uncommon in the coaching industry, with loyal clients and a long waiting list for her services.

Kathleen is the founder of www.KathleenSpeaks.com and www.dailyrebellion.com Not only does she think outside the box, but turns around and smashes the box to smithereens. She brings a knowledge of human personality styles that is rarely matched. She is an NLP master and a Time Management GURU. She specializes in the niches areas of Team Development & Training, along with online lead conversion. Kathleen is an amazing source of growth and encouragement for all who meet her.

Kathleen was recently published in REM Online: “On the Field Without a PlayBook” and

has recently been selected as an Expert Blogger for REP Magazine.


Kathleen actively uses achievement systems to work with Top Producers at expanding their capacity for success, energy levels, and flow to take their lives to new heights, and bring their business along for the ride. This is among the most powerful coaching and training she does with, earning her the name of the Mindset Queen by some of her clients.

 “Kathleen's coaching program and knowledge base is "Bar None" in our market place. Her company provides a lot of value and relevant skills to achieving success. I have been coached by many companies and I must say that KB has a wealth of information other companies don't teach. Keep it up KB and thank you so much for support. I'm looking forward to nothing more than success”

Sherif Nathoo

 “Having just had the opportunity to hear Kathleen speak I can tell you with absolute certainty that her perspective on our business and the direction of it is truly incredible. Kathleen's message spoke to me in a way that I haven't experienced before. A powerful connection. If you have the opportunity to hear Kathleen speak, I would highly recommend you seize that chance. Thanks Kathleen”

Ken Patterson

 “Really wonderful opportunity to sit with some of the greats and refresh. One of the best with lots of great content to take away!”

Robin Atkinson-Kerwin

 “A true privilege to sitting with some of the top producers in the industry. Working with Kathleen changed my life, and this event changed it even more. This event was jam packed with information from how to start a team, what others are doing, amazing speakers, understanding you and your values. I can't say how grateful I am to have been part of this. I can't wait for the next one! Thank you Kathleen, Andy, and everyone involved in making this such a success! Well done”

Alysha L McLean

 “So very fortunate to be a part of such an amazing event that speaks to all I believe in. What an incredible group of people who share aligned beliefs in what it takes to be the very best. I so look forward to the over the moon value that Kathleen brings and the opportunity to take my teams and company to the next level. Feeling blessed.”

Robin Metz


Where it all began

 Coming from a family who have dedicated their lives to the Fire Department, as a kid Kathleen always knew she wanted more, yes, she had her heart set on becoming the Prime Minister. Unfortunately, Kathleen didn’t become the Prime Minister but today she is the Real Estates Wonder Girl and one of Toronto’s foremost industry motivators.

From an early age, she made it a point to give her all to any situation in her life, resulting in many successes along the way. As a full-time student completing her degree, Kathleen also worked as a dental administrator where her determination and work ethic quickly had her managing dental offices full time, and balancing her education.

After the birth of her son, Kathleen completed most of her degree as a single mother. Her desire for her son to grow up in a home environment lead her to rent a home and rent out the rooms in her house to exchange students in order to pay the bills.

After completing university, Kathleen began a new adventure with her soon-to-be business partner and husband – Real Estate Investments. They purchased and renovated 3 properties into duplexes and triplexes, doing all the work themselves. All the units were rented and profitable in under 2 years.

With the birth of Kathleen’s second child, a daughter, it was time to look for larger space. Due to their recent success, they were able to move into their “dream home” to raise their family. With next to no “cash-on-hand” friends dubbed the pair the “No Money Miracle”, as they found a way to buy one property after another totalling $2 million between 2005 and 2007.

Sadly, the demands associated with achieving these results so quickly set in, leading to a nasty divorce.  Her drive and passion helped her create a life for herself where she became self sustainable.

Finding a new passion in real estate with ReMax in Whitby, Ontario. In a very short time, despite being a single mother, Kathleen ranked in the top 1% of Realtors for production in the Durham Region and on the Toronto Real Estate Board. Using the systems taught and promoted by her company now, Kathleen mastered the art of leveraging her licensed activities into the minimum work hours required to achieve top production. She sold more than 55 homes a year, all the while working within her children’s school schedule.

When asked how she manages being a mom and building a successful business she says, “I don’t believe in balance but rather in harmony by being passionate about what I do, using systems in order to be more efficient and being a great role model to my kids”. She is a is a firm believer in delegating tasks to virtual workers who are good at various tasks and who can get the work done quickly and efficiently in order to save you time.

The success of the systems for herself, and her initial clients, led to the creation of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting. The company’s focus was to teach other Realtors how to leverage time, money and people to achieve incredible results and live the lives they’d always dreamed of. The systems taught at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting are a large reason behind the success of some of the biggest powerhouse real estate teams across Canada.

She quickly transitioned into coaching to teach and refine the systems that catapulted her to the top as well as to apply her passion for mindset and achievement, to help other top producers build powerhouse teams.

Kathleen’s unique strengths and abilities made the transition into Director of Coaching in 2010 an easy one. She then became Director of Operations in 2011, and in 2012 became CEO and co-owner with her silent partner, Dan Plowman, Team Leader of Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc. The company was recently rebranded as DPTS Consulting Services and Kathleen and Dan Plowman parted ways to allow Kathleen to continue with the evolution of her vision for an Elite training company focused on top achievement and performance.

The experience of taking a troubled company into a strong financial position and overseeing all aspects of day to day business, clientele, the hiring and training of coaches, and event planning, have created a strong foundation of experience and content for the clients of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting.

Online lead conversion is one of Kathleen’s unique strengths and she has helped this sometimes dreaded lead generation source become a profitable model for Realtors across Canada. Using the systems created with the sales model while at DPTS, Kathleen helps create the same results in a turn-key fashion for other industry professionals. The success is in the numbers with teams successfully obtaining 40%, 50%, and higher in production from online sources alone.


Kathleen has been instrumental in the development and execution of lead conversion departments, and the improved conversion of online leads while training mega teams at the top of our industry for production. She has a unique ability to shift mindsets towards growth with the tools and systems proven to build business anywhere in North America.

Kathleen recalls how her father instilled the art of mastery in her as a young child and one day when she came home from school with a test where she had achieved 97%, her father turned around to her and said, “Imagine if you had actually tried”. He saw the potential in her and she was grateful for having him in her life as he was a great mentor, roll model and coach who she learnt a lot from.

Kathleen believes that as a leader, for her, it’s not just good enough to be selling houses. When you want to be the best of the best you have to make sacrifices and find ways to do things differently.  As humans, we have an unbelievable capacity to learn and adapt to different situations in order to move our lives forward.

Nurturing her mindset to being conscious of what she thinks is what she does. When thoughts of quitting pop up she quickly reminds herself that she is built for success, quitting is not in her DNA so as long as she keeps pushing forward, good things will always happen.

Kathleen stays fit by doing yoga and cross fit but when her schedule doesn’t allow for either she will go for a run.

  “We naturally reach towards the light. For me the key has always been to put myself in environments where the light is available, and freely offer the light I have to others in need or appreciation of it. I choose to create my energy flow. I choose to travel. I choose to explore. I choose to expand. I choose to invest”.

Not only is Kathleen a brilliant business women but she is also a phenomenal and dedicated mother to both her kids



Her Highlights

 Born in 1979 in Toronto, Canada

Educated at Carleton University 1998-2004

 2002           Birth of her son, Ethan

  2004            Honours BachelorofArts

  2005            Birth of her daughter, Ella

2007           Registered Real Estate License

2008           100% Award from Re/Max International

2009           Platinum Award from Re/Max International, Coaching Realtor in Team Development

2010           Platinum Award Re/Ma International, Director of Coaching Dan Plowman Team Systems

2011           Director of Operations running Dan Plowman Team Systems in Full, 

Elite Coach, Keynote Speaker, Planned & Hosted Canadian Team Summit

2012         CEO & Co-Owner of Dan Plowman Team Systems, Planned, Ran & Keynote Speaker Canadian Team Summit

2013           Planned, Hosted, & Keynote Speaker Canadian Team Summit, Featured Speaker Team Development: XLR8 Conference Vancouver, Canada,

2014           Planned, Hosted, & Keynote Speaker Canadian Team Summit, Featured Speaker RealtorQuest hosted by TREB

2015           December 1st 2015 opened Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting,

2016           January finalized sale of shares of Dan Plowman Team Systems, Launched Elite Business Builder Training Series across Canada & Launched in Manhattan, New York, Hosted & Keynote Speaker at Ultimate Team Summit,

Guest on Carmela Kapeleris Talk TV Show,


Named Top 100 Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate. REP Magazine Team Building Specialist, two-part series, REP Magazine Feature Article.




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