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Silver Spring, Maryland  
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Davinia James is originally from Jamaica and the first one in her family to graduate high school and college. A stranger opened up her heart to Davinia's biological mother and Davinia is the product of that. Her adoptive mother and father (Her 'earthly parents') aided in Davinia gaining an education. Their kindness is the foundation that drives Davinia in giving girls everywhere what she received.....the opportunity to gain a quality education.

“Everything that is done should be done with passion or not at all. My focus for changing the world in my own way, derived from my life story and how an education opportunity changed my life forever being from a third world country. The passion for making the world better than the one I was born is my core foundation for all that I do. In any way to make life better for people regardless of their geographical location is what I was put on this earth to do. That’s my purpose and with that comes my plan for life. My passion collided with opportunities and purpose. Hence, creating change on a global scale has captivated this soul of mine.”

Founder for Pennies4Girls Project: Collected 1.5 Million Pennies & Sent 300 Girls To School In Developing Countries

Girl Rising Ambassador

Advocate on the behalf of the 130 millions of girls worldwide that are deprived of an education.

Share the injustices girls are facing and how being a voice for the voiceless is very important.

Provide screenings of the Girl Rising Film with hopes of starting a dialogue that provokes the mind and prompt others to do something to help.

Suggest effective strategies among other ambassadors that will bring about an effective collaboration that aims towards the goal of Girl Rising.

GC Youth Advocate

Bring awareness to world issues while challenging world leaders to acknowledge they do exist.

Demand world leaders to commit to creating change for the people of the world while holding them accountable.

Convince others how they too can become global citizens by signing up and taking actions.

Sharing why there’s a great importance in doing whatever it is that we can for the betterment of the world.


Global citizen


Life lover



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