Rokelle Sun

United States  
San Francisco  
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Dancer Ballet Other
Entrepreneur Start-up Female
Sports Fencing Motor sport
Presenter Business coach
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Rokelle Sun is a real estate developer, artist, adventurer, and visionary risk-taker, an entrepreneur whose eclectic passions, interests, and experiences span the globe as well as the spectrum. Born in China, she studied ballet as a child, then lived in both Swaziland and San Francisco during elementary and high school. Though Rokelle's professional life began in broadcast journalism in California then led her to Paris and Tokyo, she's never quite satisfied her infinite curiosity, despite an unending devotion to non-fiction books and the study of languages, cultures, fashion and culinary arts to name just a few. Eventually swapping her tutu for a saber, fencing is the sport she credits with providing her the courage, calm, and quick thinking required of an entrepreneur, but it was her degree in Economics that sparked an insight into the real estate opportunities presented by the 2008 recession. Still in Tokyo at the time, in a leap of faith she left Japan and journalism in order to found Greenland Funds USA in San Francisco, California. Using strategic alignment to achieve a win-win synergistic market advantage, Rokelle and Greenland Funds quickly occupied a niche in the special situation market, producing over a decade of successful projects yielding annual returns ranging from 15% to over 40%. In 2017, Rokelle co-founded her current firm, Prism Capital Partners, combining her artistic vision and investment savvy to create highly innovative, technology and design-driven living spaces utilizing environmentally conscious building practices. At Prism, Rokelle is involved in every step of the development process, working closely with teams of contractors, lawyers, engineers, architects and designers, developing buildings whose unique, sophisticated designs minimize environmental impact while maximizing quality of life.


As an Asian female real estate developer / entrepreneur who’s successfully navigated a male-dominated industry largely on her own, Rokelle aspires to share the valuable lessons she’s learned, and to encourage other young women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Currently, she’s working on plans to contribute to The Modern Women in STEM Book Project, a collective memoir highlighting women leaders in STEM. At the same time, she continues to offer her expertise to the fundraising efforts of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s gala committee, while also maintaining her long term contributions to UNICEF, another cause she holds dear to her heart. 


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