Jonathan MacDonald

51 Years
United Kingdom  
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Chief Strategy officer from Moneycatcha Pty Ltd

Jonathan MacDonald is a catalyst for change. He motivates new ways of thinking and helps people and businesses adapt and respond to ever-changing needs and demands.

Jonathan MacDonald’s book “Powered By Change“ (a Sunday Times Bestseller and winner of the 2019 Business Book Award) introduces The Windmill Theory and demonstrates how businesses can scale new heights by harnessing the winds of change that are blowing away all the old certainties.

With a background in music and marketing, Jonathan has been creating and advising businesses for almost three decades. He was the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association. Later, as Commercial Director for Ministry of Sound, Jonathan turned an analogue company into a digital powerhouse, helping to expand the global franchise around the world. He also launched the first ever Sky TV station specifically for musicians, “The Musicians Channel”, generating higher viewing figures than MTV.

An entrepreneur and investor, Jonathan has nine start-ups to his credit. He is the Chief Strategy Officer for Moneycatcha Pty Ltd; a company revolutionising the future of loan origination and regulatory compliance, using blockchain technology. He has also advised well-known, blue-chip companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Lego, Heineken, Sony and IKEA, and is trusted by senior executives around the world to convert his insights on perpetual change into profitable business strategies and personal success.

As a thought-leader, he contributes to numerous publications including Forbes, Google’s Think Insights, and The British Airway Business Life magazine. His next book, due out in September 2020, focuses on mindset, psychology, and strengthening your thought muscle.

To fuel his quest for new insights into the human mind, and to create the foundation for his next book, Jonathan recently received a diploma from the National Research University High School of Economics in Neuroeconomics, an emerging interdisciplinary field looking at how economic decision-making actually happens inside the brain and how it determines a course of action.

In 2019, Jonathan took the bronze medal in the Sports Jiu Jitsu World Championships, after winning the British Sports Jiu Jitsu Heavyweight Championship. His fascination with martial arts is fuelled by a core ideology – “When conflict does occur, the best force to utilize is the one that is pitched against you, since it is easier to use that force than to generate one’s own.”


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