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56 Years
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Light Brown  
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165 cm  
61 kg  


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Jennifer Ettinger’s story is a page-turner in itself. After being bedridden and almost broken for two years, Jennifer took control of her disease, and two minutes at a time, she rebuilt her health. An innocent tweet during this period of regrowth and reemergence started an upward spiral of success, and her eventual foray into television, print and social media.

She became a Best-Selling Author, chronicling her journey in her first book, Find Your Inner Goddess; hosted two popular television shows on Rogers TV; built an enviable and active social media community; and stepped into her groove walking the RED CARPET as a National correspondent with Twitterariti to interview celebrities during awards shows and premieres - and all without an Agent.

How did she do it? Authentically! Jen enthusiastically embraced her freedom from pain, sharing her story to help others, fostering strong, genuine relationships with people around the world. She built it and boy did they come. Along the way she learned the inner secrets for successful brand building and content amplification, and has become an expert in SocialPR and is a globally recognized and coveted social media correspondent.

 Jennifer Ettinger is Canada’s first Social Media Correspondent and a globallyconnected powerhouse. An AmericanCanadian growth hacker, she’s a dual social citizen who’s built her profile and that of the brands she’s worked with organically, and authentically. A member of some of the most influential social media incubators and collaborators, including the twitterati, she has built a reputation for creating true, amplified brand awareness across social media channels. You may recognize her as CTV’s Social Media and Online PR Correspondent, covering premieres, launches, campaigns, Up Fronts and Red Carpet events including the Oscars, Vanity Fair events, ET, Insider, and Access Hollywood.

For brand launches and VIP events she rallies the collective power of her influencer network to create national and international awareness across a variety of markets and interest groups. The broad reach of her network surpasses the ROI of traditional advertising and promotions, generating true engagement and on-going interest in a brand or event, beyond the traditional social media mindset of broadcasting posts and content. Her content is curated, focused on visual story-telling and true engagement with intended audiences across multiple channels. Jennifer’s 20+ strong North American content amplification team are comprised of a dynamic group of Social Media strategists, community managers, event correspondents, influencers, content-creators, instructors and more. Their reach spans major markets and verticals. Members provide multi-lingual correspondence, including Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Named on of Canada’s top 100 Health Influencers by OptiMYz Magazine for the second year in a row, Jennifer Ettinger holds 3 degrees from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and a certified health coach, with over 14 years experience in North America. Jennifer Ettinger has been a regular contributor to regional Morning TV shows and has been a guest expert on national TV shows. You can watch these episodes, Jennifer's own TV show and special events around Toronto on FYS TV. Jennifer Ettinger is proud to be a brand Ambassador for several national brands, representing them across her expansive media platforms for live activations, TV appearances, print features and social media interactions. She was a fitness brand ambassador for the apparel and fitness shoe brand, New Balance Canada, from 2012 to 2018 and is currently a brand Ambassador for the nutritional center machine brand Vitamix Canada, since 2014.

In addition to her expertise as a Social PR Expert, Jennifer Ettinger offers stellar credentials to back up her Image, Fitness, Beauty and Empowerment message. An in demand speaker, panelist and moderator, she offers signature talks on:​​

  • ConFITence
  • Find Your Inner Goddess
  • How To Live The Goddess Lifestyle
  • The Benefits of Exercise
  • Eco Goddess
  • Holistic Mental Health
  • Holistic Leadership
  • Power of the Post
  • How to Attract and Engage Brands on Your Social Media Platforms
  • Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other

Jennifer Ettinger is the best-selling author of Find Your Inner Goddess, a complete manual for embracing your body shape, beauty, mind and spirit. Topics Include:

  • Do It Yourself Fitness Evaluation
  • Provides Easy Charts and Journaling to Follow Your Progress
  • Body Shaping Custom Workouts
  • “Beauty Boosting” Foods & Recipes
  • Goddess Inspiration and Motivation
  • Learn what clothing “Fits Your Style” and what is “Not Your Style”
  • Easy to Adapt Make-Up Artistry
  • Learn to Identify Your Skin Tone


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