Samson Hodin

34 Years
United Kingdom  
Hair Colour
Light Brown  
Eye Colour
Shoe Size
191 cm  
93 kg  


Musician Classical
Presenter Business coach
Sports Athletics Body Building Gymnastics Fitness
Entrepreneur Start-up


Samson Hodin

 The Healthy Online Strength Coach, Home Gym Builder, Entrepreneur, Founder of Samson Personal Training


 To help others avoid the plagues of modern life with the least amount of effort

 My story

Born in London in 1990. A sportsman from an early age, health and fitness has always come naturally to Samson. Even as a child he was intent on improving his performances while enjoying a flourishing social life, a happy family life, healthy competition and education. He quickly learned the importance of balancing fun, physical activity, downtime and education.

 His grandfather was an art historian, antique collector and pianist so the family home was filled with books and had a piano. Samson started having piano lessons at the age of 5 and fell in love with the electric guitar during secondary school. He enjoyed detailed drawing, abstract painting and using oil pastilles.

During his teens he sustained several injuries which put an end to his dream of becoming a professional sportsman. This made him aware of the many downsides of being a full time athlete (low income, less time for further education, no life outside of sport, poor dental health, injury, diabetes, illness, and a very slim chance of making it to a level which brings wealth, fame and a shot at making history) and inspired him to explore the possibilities of life as an artist, musician or P.E. Teacher.

During his A levels, he didn't enjoy studying music or art so even though he is a skilled pianist with a diploma in fine art, he prefers to keep music and art as hobbies; any client of his can see how his personal training work is strongly influenced by the two. On one hand, music motivates, on the other hand, it improves relaxation, meditation and mental health in general. This makes it a fantastic tool for a personal trainer or athlete. His training, gym space and coaching combines style, design and aesthetics which are all art forms. He believes that if a movement pattern isn't executed correctly or if an environment is unappealing, it will negatively affect the state of mind and body of those involved.

Half way through university he realised he wanted to be a personal trainer. The strongest, leanest, healthiest students wanted to train with him, follow his routines and eat what he prepared. It was only a matter of time before he started working as a personal trainer in 2011. Following referrals from his tennis club, he began training members and coaches to develop lasting strength, stamina, lean muscle and flexibility while preventing and treating injuries, increasing muscle tone, and improving health.

Shortly after, he noticed the high demand for personal training within offices and businesses where people remain seated indoors on computers all day in an environment negatively affected by stress, pollution and fast food. This influenced him to create programmes which were more suitable to those with little time, poor mobility, overwhelming workloads and an unhealthy body composition with excess fat around the waist.

Between 2012 & 2020 his journey to the highest level of health and fitness was inspired by his injuries and health problems from binge drinking, following poor quality nutritional information taught to personal trainers, smoking, and not feeling comfortable in his own skin. This process involved dedicating his life to uncovering the real training, nutrition & lifestyle truths to become as strong as physically possible without: debilitating injuries, taking dangerous substances (steroids, hormones, fat burners, testosterone boosters etc); feeling unsatisfied with his lifestyle and body; having to eat all the time (every 2 hours); getting ill (never or not more than a cold once per year); becoming too bulky; losing muscle; burning out; wasting money. This is how he became the coach he wants to be and one who everyone wants, one who listens, understands, supports and delivers every time.

Working online opened up the possibility of helping more people and a new formula which combines all of his most successful programmes was born. His online clients follow this formula, which has a 100% success rate, for 84 days to get their desired results. Known as 'the healthy, online strength coach', coaching others to be stronger mentally and physically in a way which enables them to develop and maintain a healthy and toned physique in the safest and most effective manner. Samson's formula leads to: anti-ageing; fat burning; less risk of regaining fat post programme; excellent posture; muscle and strength gain; high energy levels, easy digestion, and mental strength and clarity; sleeping like a log; fewer illnesses, and independence.



Leadership, Patience, Professionalism, Postural Correction, Flexibility, Interpersonal, Gymnastics, Pilates, Powerlifting, Agility, Core Strength, Core Stability, Sport Specific Training, Bodybuilding, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Versatility, Bodyweight Training, Calisthenics, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Stress Management, Confidence, Research, Entrepreneur.


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