Anke Pietrangeli

41 Years
South Africa  
Cape Town  
Hair Colour
Light Blonde  
Eye Colour
Dress Size
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Musician Afrikaans Celebrity pop Rock Singer Solo Artist
Sports Hockey


Anke Pietrangeli, stole the hearts of South African music lovers when she won the 2003 Pop Idol contest.

Born in Johannesburg on the 16th of November 1982 and raised in Kimberley, the ‘Kimberley Diamond’ as she became better known throughout the ‘Idols’ competition has always had a passion for entertaining. From an early age Anke loved music and singing and regularly practiced in her bedroom in front of the mirror and singing for friends and family.

Anke’s brother Sven was always convinced that she would one-day be a star and it was thanks to him that she entered ‘Idol’s’ in the first place.

Since winning Idol’s, Anke’s feet haven’t touched the ground. She moved from Bloemfontein to live in Cape Town. Her single ‘By Heart’ and her debut album were an enormous success and ‘Silver lining’ one of the tracks from the album won the SAMA award for ‘Best female single’

‘Real Good Time’ became the theme tune for Super Sport, and she sang our national anthem live at the Bloemfontein stadium at the start of the rugby match between South Africa and Ireland. In addition she made over a hundred live performances at sports events, festivals and corporate shows.

Anybody that saw or heard Anke last year found it difficult to believe that this petite blonde had been catapulted to stardom in a matter of weeks having had very little formal music training or experience.

Anke’s voice and her performances have gone from strength. Audiences are amazed that such a strong and powerful voice can come out of such a diminutive lady. She casts a spell over anybody that hears her music. In an instant Anke’s voice is able to streak to the high notes in a chorus that’s full of enough musical charm to leave listeners smitten.

In her spare time she enjoys playing hockey, listening to music and going to the gym. She is very family orientated and tries to spend as much time as possible with her fiancé Tom, her Parents, her brother and her two dogs, Max and Lex.


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