Yvonne Chaka Chaka

58 Years
South Africa  
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
163 cm  


Presenter Celebrity MC Guest Speaker Other
Musician Celebrity Singer Solo Artist Afro Pop Kwaito


Throughout her illustrious career. Yvonne has met people like ex President Nelson Mandela, the Queen of England and US Talk show host Oprah Winfrey but still maintains humility and takes it all in stride.

Recognized for her warmth and compassion, combined with a winning personality, business acumen and intelligence, Yvonne often outdoes herself with a remarkable sense of humour.These qualities confirm Yvonne as one of the greatest contemporary achievers among the African landscape today.

Yvonne's legacy as "Princess of Africa" is a testament to her connection to everyday people as well as royalty. Whether she is performing for Kings and Queens, Presidents and First Ladies or corporate concerts; she always returns to those she loves- her fans and family of listeners in cities, townships and rural areas. Here popularity and level of accomplishment has already insured her legacy as one of the greatest stars to illuminate the African continent .Always approachable, Yvonne is respected by heads of State in Africa, as well as youth and every day people.
Mama Africa" Miriam Makeba says of Yvonne "She’s my baby!",Hugh Masekela adds that Yvonne is "my mad niece". Legends Dolly Rathede and Dorothy Masuka describes Yvonne's music as "something that all should listen to". Having worked with these living legends, Yvonne has at times been assisted by Dorothy Masuka, who helped to translate to Shona and KiSwahili lyrics.
International listeners will now appreciate what South Africa have always known :that Yvonne is a world-class performer defined by originally creativity ,and consummate showmanship ,Yvonne has consistently and positively shaped the musical landscape of the African continent with her vocal style ,sophistication, professionalism ,and a panache all her own ,when combined with her energy and enthusiasm ,she provides audiences with a musical experience that reflects excellence and elegance. It is exciting that she is recognized in Europe and Asia for her talent and consistently thrilling audiences around the globe.

More than the Music

Yvonne’s passion for singing is also shared by her commitment to eliminate illiteracy in global society - demonstrated by her ceaseless work in UNISA. In 2003, Yvonne was made Goodwill Ambassador for UNISA (University of South Africa) along Dikgang Moseneke, Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa ;Nobel Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu ;and former 2001 Miss South Africa Vanessa Careirra.
Her Academic credentials include an Advanced Diploma in Adult Education ,as well as a Certificate in Local Government, Management & Administration from UNISA. Yvonne studied Speech and Drama at Trinity College of London where she earned her certificate in 1997. She has risen to become a powerful spokesperson for a host of other South African institutions and corporations. Beyond these accomplishments, Yvonne is known for her devotion to humanity. Her generosity has benefited untold numbers of individuals and families facing challenges of AIDS, orphans, illiteracy, terminal illness, abuse and poverty.


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