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Championing Disabled, Visibly Different, Non-Binary, And Trans UK Models

At Zebedee, we are committed to changing the way disability, visible difference and gender identity are represented in fashion and wider media.

“Disability is often left out of the diversity debate; we often receive briefs looking for ‘diversity’, but with no mention of disability, alternative appearances, or trans/non-binary – and we want to change this. We want it to be the norm that REAL diverse media becomes commonplace.” - Laura Winson & Zoe Proctor, Founders

Zebedee was established by co-founders Laura and Zoe in 2017 with a passion for diversity, today we are the world's leading inclusive talent agency, supporting hundreds of modes with disabilities and visible differences, non-binary, and trans models and actors across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, and Japan. Our pool of UK models, actors, and creatives is evergrowing, bringing unique trailblazing talent together to help you create groundbreaking campaigns.

We Partner With Brands Wanting To Make A Difference

Big or small, our perfect partners are brands and casting directors who understand the importance of making their marketing campaigns and shows more inclusive and address the staggering underrepresentation in the advertising and media industry.

We are already working with some of the world’s most iconic brands – including Gucci, Burberry, Mercedes, Vogue, Estee Lauder, Disney, The BBC and HBO, and we’d love for you to join them on our collective journey towards more diverse casting.

There is still much to do, but with your help, we can continue to bring balance to the industry – one inclusive casting at a time.

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