Graeme Butchart

South Africa  
Hair Colour
Light Brown  
Eye Colour
183 cm  
92 kg  


Actor Voice
Presenter Guest Speaker Business coach


Highlights of work experience: Using the experience gained from an award winning career in advertising and communication, Graeme calls on his knowledge to present an understanding of the significant role creativity / innovation plays in business today.

His exposure to a diverse range of clients in South Africa and abroad, adds genuine credibility to his testimony – to the power of creativity. During his career Graeme has presented many an innovative idea, in many different and difficult management situations. He has sold multi million dollar television commercials, to boardrooms full of doubters. He has proposed and sold sweeping changes to company directions, knowing that his audience would ultimately be part of those affected by the change. He has given birth to ideas that have inspired businesses to actively involve themselves in meaningful social developments. And, he has also played an innovative and pioneering role in the very industry that he worked in – developing and promoting transformation, long before it became popular to do so.

He has now taken these experiences and turned them into wisdoms. These he has been sharing for sometime – at advertising schools, universities and business leadership institutions.

In his talk… “INNOVATION –THE NEW ECONOMIC FRONTIER” he explains how creativity is a pure, natural and free energy – which is not exclusive to a few. And that how, during our schooling we are taught to follow the ideas of others, how we duplicate, rather than originate, how we copy what precedes us, instead of generating our own view, and how ultimately this behavior leads to the suppression of our creativity.

But through his passionate presentation he demonstrates how we can all leverage and work our creativity, generating the innovations that can add meaningful differences to our businesses.

Using 5 steps of creative process he illustrates and believes that…
“The ideas are inside you” and that all he does is help you – let them out!

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