Steve Barnett

South Africa  
Hair Colour
Light Brown  
Eye Colour
Suit Size
172 cm  
70 kg  


Presenter Guest Speaker Business coach
Musician Other


Highlights of work experience: Steve Barnett is dedicated to the philosophy of African percussion and making it part of the way any organisation operates – with cohesion and optimal interaction that brings out the best in everyone.

Using rainbow percussion tubes which have been distributed to all involved, a basic rhythm is created and maintained.

Through interaction with Steve, the conductor, and with each other, all the delegates eventually have their own rhythmical contribution to make in the evolution of the shared melody. Everyone realises that they are a crucial part of a greater whole. A symphony of sound is produced and one sees the magic that evolves when groups work in unison. No prior musical background is needed to achieve this state.

Absolute novices have walked out of workshops stunned at the untapped creativity that this group activity released in them. More than anything, participants will experience the concepts of harmony, rhythm and synergy and will be able to apply them in every aspect of their lives.

Delegates come away from the intervention, having experienced and having had the following demonstrated:

Personal energy and enthusiasm
Inclusivity and empowerment
Importance of body language
“Actions speak louder than words”
Consistent feedback and encouragement
Concentration and focus
Appropriate use of humour
Making work serious fun

Other Benefits

Apart from increased understanding of the fun and rewards of working together, other benefits naturally flow from the workshops:

? As a non-vocal method of interaction that bridges cultural, gender, age and linguistic barriers;
? Focuses group energy;
? Gives an understanding of ways of working with and around the pulse of an organisation;
? Development of stronger relationships between participants;
? Excellent team and spirit building
? Relaxation and discovery of other facets of colleagues’ personalities
? Effective in groups from eight to eight hundred.

Some Feedback:

“Businesses are finally realising that the rhythm of business cannot be separated from the rhythm of life. African businesses are realising that they are in Africa – and that you can learn from the ancient rhythms and patterns that suffuse this continent”
Paul von Muschenbroek: Win Win Group

“One can talk about ‘unity’, one can intellectualise about it, but all of this conjecture appears as nothing when you experience the real thing. It’s transcendent, it sets you free, it reveals our true potential”
Louis Galvin: DDB South Africa

“Within a very short space of time, led by only gestures and mime, the entire hall resounded with the magnificent sound of a percussion concert of syncopated, rhythmical music.....amazing. Steve Barnett left us with a philosophical message ...not unrelated to the essence of successful assisted reproductive technology. Thank you... your country and your lessons will not be forgotten."
Kay Elder Editor, Alpha medical publication. Cambridge U.K.
“As a veteran of innumerable conferences and seminars at which one of the primary objectives has been to create a common bond between diverse personalities and talents in pursuit of a common goal, I have not participated in an exercise as stimulating as Steve Barnett's."
Rob Renolds, COO, M-TEL
“It was such a rousing, ice-breaking and theme-fitting start to the event and great to witness you in action - having heard you explain how your act works. It was quite incredible that you made a room of 850 people do your bidding without a spoken word uttered - a truly magical experience.”
Martin Lewis M D, Meetings & Incentive Travel, U K

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